ROMA was formed at the end of 2012. After a few months working with Daniel Elorriaga and Miguel Jiménez, drummer and bass respectively; with Rosa Vergel on vocals, Nanny Vergel on choirs and Manuel Maestre as guitarist, this training does not get to work for the first two components mentioned. In December 2012 Raul Rico joined the band, as a drummer, and that’s when ROMA prepared a set list of 8 songs and on March 10, 2013 they make their debut in Pirata’s Rock Wey, Alcorcón (Madrid), with Didács Pedrero as a bass player wich was his only performance. Since his departure, he gave way to the new bass player: Alberto Muñoz.

A few performances by the Madrid Circuit and after the march Rosa Vergel; Nanny Vergel definitely takes the reins as singer of the band.

Consolidating the band step by step, the acceptance by the public is greater, Nanny Vergel offers with his voice a different and more accurate style to songs. In a short time, the new drummer Oscar Chamorro will join, with which they record their first Demo called “ROMA” wich included four songs, and finally in 2015 Dani Redondo on the bass who will turn the sound and filling in the sound of Rome , And after whose incorporation comes the decision to get into studio to record ROMA´s first LP that saw the light in December 2015: LA VIDA ES TEATRO, album that is receiving a great reception.

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