Dani Redondo

Dani Redondo

Dani Redondo is the latest addition to the ranks of ROMA, produced in the spring of 2015

He has developed his trajectory as a bass player in different spheres and styles since at the end of the 80 participated in the recording of two tracks along with his first group, Fuego Eterno, in a LP sponsored by the Municipal Board of Hortaleza in which also were bands like Iris, Kazar; Black Lights and The Porretas.

He was vice president of the Youth Association Musicians of Hortaleza, and next to the musicians of the neighborhood they carried forward a second LP belonging this time to that association in which included two cuts with his new band Fuera de Lugar with musicians like Manuel Maestre (ex- Cráneo), Manolo Caño ( Triton), David Alvarez (Acropolis), Alberto J. Amado (later keyboardist of SKA-P) and  Jose Andrea (later singer of Mago de Oz).

Once this band was dissolved, he developed an intense activity in bands of blues, rock, and diverse collaborations with musicians of different styles, participating in the formation of a jazz trio , called Carnerius Club, with the guitarist Daniel Alfonso Fernandez. In the late nineties he returned to the Hard Rock home being called by David Alvarez join a new band, along with Juan Carlos Patón (ex-Kascarrabias): ZYPHRA. After six years in this formation, he joined El Relojero Ciego, a post-pop band, led by Daniel de Alfonso, while continuing to contribute to spurious collaborations with other bands such as Texola Rock Band, among others.

Since 2015 militates in the ranks of ROMA, contributing a final twist of the nut in the consolidation of what is today’s sound of the band.

Influences: Geddy Lee, Phil Lynott, Sting, Billy Sheehan, Jaco Pastorius, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Stu Hamm … and ….