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ROMA was formed at the end of 2012. After a few months working with Daniel Elorriaga and Miguel Jiménez, Drums and Bass respectively; with Rosa Vergel (Vocals), Nanny Vergel (Back Vocals), and Manuel Maestre as guitarist. In December 2012 Raul Rico (Drums) joined the band, and beginning to take shape, with a set of 8 songs ready.

In March 10th, 2013 they made their debut at the Sala Pirata’s, in Alcorcón (Madrid)  with Didác Pedrero as bass player, just for this performance, after his departure, giving way to a new bassist: Alberto Muñoz.

A few performances around Madrid theater circuit and, after Rosa Vergel´s leaving,  Nanny Vergel definitely takes the reins as the lead singer of the band.

Consolidating the band on every step, the acceptance of the public becomes greater than previously, with Nanny Vergel offering  a different and more accurate feel to the songs.

Shortly, new drummer (Oscar Chamorro) came in, to record their first four tracks demo called “ROMA”.  Finally in 2015 Dani Redondo on bass giving a twist to the sound and consistency to tracks.

With Dani conformming the definite Roma´s set up, they bet to take the challege to record a First Long Play that saw the light in December of 2015: LA VIDA ES TEATRO.


  • Nanny Vergel – Vocals
  • Manuel Maestre – Guitars & Vocals
  • Dani Redondo – Bass Guitar & Vocals
  • Oscar Chamorro – Drums




Nanny Vergel began her career as a vocalist, performing choral and second voices, collaborating in several orchestras and bands, such as the Moebius Band.

In the return-meeting of “Cráneo” she joined the set up of this band in second vocals in the live show of this meeting. In 2012 integrates the first Roma´s set up, as a second voicals in, with Rosa Vergel in the leads. After the leaving of Rosa the band decides to bet on Nanny as Front-woman of the band, assuming Manuel Maestre vocal support functions.



He started his musical career at the age of 16, and was the founder of the rock band Cráneo (1981).

In 1982, they were winners of the PCE contest, being the guitarist Eduardo Pinilla on the jury. In 1983, they are winners of the VI rock contest Villa de Madrid. Parade musicians of the likes of Jose Maria Cortina (colaso) Nacho white on drums, Antonio Perez Segura (bass) Juanjo Melero (Guitar), Carlos Guardado (bass), Oscar Mira (keyboardist), Jose Maria Rojo (keyboardist).

After the dissolution of the band in the middle of the 80´s, he joined as guitarist of Azucena (ex Santa) in the recording of her first album in  “La estrella del rock”. Being trained at the time as a musician and guitarist, contemporary harmony studio, and electric guitar with jazz guitarist Jorge Cabadas in the Electric Music Laboratory, in just two years he takes charge of the electric guitar classes oriented to the rock at the request of Jorge Cabadas himself, beginning this way his trainer job, as a guitar teacher. Later he studied with Fredy Marugán and obtained the Berkley certificate in Madrid through the Creative School of Music. He studied with Jorge Mora and Felix Santos.

He joined the David Gwing group, playing with Manolo Jiménez on drums, combining his rock facet with participation in orchestras, accompanying Raquel Ríos and his partner Nacho Blanco.

Getting in touch with David Alvarez (ex Acropolis) and formed Fuera de Lugar together,  with Manolo Caño (Tritón) on the drums, Alberto J. Amado on  keyboards (later SKA-P) and Dani Redondo (Fuego Eterno).  After David´s leaving, José Andrea (ex-Mago of Oz Uroboros) and Chema de la Iglesia (Media Luna) were singers of this band.  After the dissolution of Fuera de Lugar, he joined the band Scheherazade with Luis Pulido on vocals (ex Goliath), Javier Alonso, and Adolfo Iriarte “Epi” (Ratones Koloraos). Together with Epi and Tomás Blázquez (soul bisontes and the pleasure fuckers) they form La Historieta, a hard rock band, combining their activity in this group with several performances with Los Ratones Koloraos. After two LP´S recorded with Ratones Koloraos, with collaborations  on tracks from people like Robe (Porretas) Oscar (Lujuria) among others, the second LP was produced by Pachi Escolano (Casablanca), with the support and work of Domingo J. Casas and Chepín ( Triana´s manager).

After leavin Ratones Koloraos he joins the band Stafas on guitar, Band led by Michel Molinera, with Anono and Sergio (Sublevados),  who latter gave way to Javier Del Palacio. With them he recorded two albums with Pies Records (Marcos Perandones), produced by Manolo Arias (Bella Bestia, Niagara, Atlas). They toured around Mexico with Vantroi, played at festivals and concerts with bands such as Rata Blanca, Ars Amandis, Sínkope, Estrago, Loquillo, Ariel Roth  and many others …

At the end of 2012 he founds ROMA, the band that leads and composes the songs, and sharing scene at present and recently released his latest work “LA VIDA ES TEATRO” with Nanny Vergel, Oscar Chamorro and Dani Redondo.



Dani Redondo

Dani Redondo is the most recent addition to the ranks of ROMA,  in the spring of 2015.

He has developed his career as a bassist in different areas and styles. Since the late 80’s he participated in the recording of two songs along with his first group, Fuego Eternol, in an album sponsored by the Municipal Board of Hortaleza with other bands like Iris, Kazar, Luces Negras and Los Porretas.

He was vice-president of the Youth Musicians of Hortaleza Association, and together with the musicians of the neighborhood they released a second record belonging to this association, which included two songs with his new band Fuera de Lugar together with musicians as Manuel Maestre (ex Cráneo), Manolo Caño (Ex Tritón), David Alvarez (Acropolis), Alberto J. Amado (later keyboardist of SKA-P) and  Jose, nowadays known as Jose Andrea).

Once this band was dissolved, he developed an intense activity in blues bands, rock, and diverse collaborations with musicians of different styles, participating in the formation of a jazz trio, called Carnerius Club, along with guitarist Daniel Alfonso Fernandez.

At the end of the nineties he returned to the Hard Rock home being called by David Alvarez for starting up a new band, along with Juan Carlos Patón (ex-Kascarrabias): ZYPHRA.

After six years, he joined El Relojero Ciego, a post-pop band, led by Daniel de Alfonso, while contributing to sporadic collaborations with other bands, such as Texola Rock Band, among others.

Since 2015, he has played in the ranks of ROMA, bringing a final twist in the consolidation of what is today’s sound of the band.





Óscar Chamorro Donoso, a versatile drummer, since he began his career at the age of ten, has been totally self-taught until the age of 18 (2000), which had his first Heavy-Metal band (Glamdring) and at 19, he was able to start studying with Oscar Martínez in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo).

From there, it has been a non-stop of bands of different styles, such as: Heavy-Metal, Punk-Hardcore, Blues, Pop, Rock, Thrash-Metal, Percussion, Orchestras, etc … coming from the great majority of Quintanar from the Order and other sites such as: Villamayor de Santiago, Cuenca, Quintanar del Rey, Pedroñeras, Casas de Benítez and Madrid. Here we leave you some of their best-known bands and orchestras: M-pa3, M-pa4, Tribute to Heaven, Hellraiders, Texola, Sinapsis, mücke, Rome, Orquesta Bahía Show and Orchestra Extrem.Ha singers and played at festivals with groups such as: Hora Zulú, Spasmodic, Aggressive, Ankhara, Santelmo, Danger, BellaBestia, SilverFist, Spansuls 15 mg, RDT, Departure Null, Sun King, Passenger, etc …

He has made collaborations with percussion in acoustic concerts, sessions with a DJ of Techno and Drum & Bass with electronic drums, Drum Covers concerts, singing, etc … On May 23, 2.013 won La battle of the Drummer’s War II contest and the speed contest with the Drumometer in 835 blows in a minute, in the Gruta 77 room (Madrid). In 2014, he participated with his colleague and partner Deivhook, in the First Spanish Drummer Mafia, etc …

His musical career was always in the area of ​​La Mancha, where he tanned and took a lot of experience, until one day he decided to go to Madrid to look for the life ….

After several searches and some test, in the 2013, by means of Luis Garci’a (Drummer of Ñú, Sobredosis, Ramoncín, the Orchestra Mondragon …) it became a part of Texola, a band of Southern Rock, led by the singer, Juan Huerta (Sobredosis, mythical band of Heavy Madrileña). In it were the guitarist Quique Ampuero (Tangana), the other guitarist Miguel Ángel Jiménez (Media Luna) and the bassist José, the great one, who after a while for incompatibility left the band and entered temporarily, Daniel Redondo, friend, companion and current bass player from Roma.

After almost a year of several concerts with Texola, Miguel Ángel told Oscar that Roma, Manuel Maestre’s band (Cráneo, Azucena, David Gwyn, Stafas …) were going to need a drum kit … After a short time, Manuel did a collaboration with Texola, in which, both were delighted with each other, having a certain complicity and understanding, talking and staying the following week to test, leaving the rest of the band, more than satisfied with their way of playing …

So at the end of 2013, after the departure of Raúl Rico from the ranks of Rome, Oscar Chamorro entered, contributing to the sound of the band a greater forcefulness and solidity in the base, up to the present … .

Currently, he studies in Car Garage Cam with its first teacher and friend, Oscar Martínez (Quintanar de la Orden), the courses of the Rock School, in which in 2015 the Level 4 Music Performance finished (equivalent of a conservatory, having completed a first year at level University) and this year ends examining the Level 6 Music Performance (equivalent to a Bachelor).


La Vida es Teatro. Roma.

The band is characterized for following a trajectory that includes two slopes: The covers of Rock and the own musical production, of which it is reflected his last work “The life is Theater”.

In their performances there is always a combination of both sides contributing more or less weight in the performance depending on the demand of both the audience and the audience, having a total list of more than 2 and a half hours.

Among the repertoire of covers and “Winks” can be heard from classic blues (sweet home chicago, Cocaine, Bring with you your love, Creedence, etc), rock (led zeppelin, AC / DC, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Queen and a long etc) or the heavy metal (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc.).

The possibility of concerts in acoustic version (semi-electric), for live music venues (Irish pubs etc) is also offered.


The sound equipment available for the band is to cover the needs of the stage in small-sized venues.

  • Drums
  • Guitar amplification
  • Bass amplifier
  • 12 channels Mixer+ PA 500 w
  • Microfonía (3 units).


  • Complete external soundproofing in rooms or premises where necessary.
  • Sound equipment and stage monitors where necessary.
  • Lighting.



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