La Nota Rock y Flanagan´s shows


Moved weekend. On Friday we went to La Nota Rock Bar in San Sebastian de los Reyes. First time we appeared in this Northern Madrid City, and we hope it is not the last.


Around the Nine of the night we arrived to try sound, finding a cozy place with good people to the controls and good equipment to sound. The table laid. With all the backline prepared. This is a pleasure.
At 10:30 we began the performance with our usual repertoire, loaded with themes from “Life is Theater”, and covers in Spanish and English from all the bands that excite us. Good entrance and above all good roll, until after twelve. There we waited more than 400 kms until our new destination: Alicante..
romalanotaFrom there we went straight to the sea, to arrive at early hours of the morning to Alicante, and to fall like blocks of granite in our respective beds. To rest from the effort and regain strength for our commitment on Saturday night: El Flanagan’s from El Campello.

Two hours show by the sea. Saturday night two in the morning .. Tired but satisfied .. and whising to be back ! it.

Music wears .. but not enough !!



Our newly incorporated Roman came with us (he did not want to lose it) and took some pics on the beach.


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